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Tsume Yuki's, 'Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me' prompt.

Mo D Hari is sealed inside a genie bottle and tossed into the Veil.

You can't put a twenty-eight-year-old ridiculously competitive academic into one of the most prestigious clans containing more ridiculously competitive academics and expect nothing to go drastically wrong.

[SI OC] By stone and by sky, there had never been anything she could do to save herself. No thank you, life was not meant to be lived that way. It's mating season for demons and Gaara is at his wits end.

Soy algo así como un Payaso Ninja que sabe tocar Violín Tiene complejo de Lord Voldemort, Cree en las Hadas y Criaturas Místicas, es algo Homosexual y Mafiosa, le gustan las ciudades viejas y conocer cosas nuevas, ama la música y cree en Jack Frost,"¿Podrías decirme, por favor, qué camino debo seguir para salir de aquí?

-Esto depende en gran parte del sitio al que quieras llegar, dijo el Gato. Entonces tampoco importa mucho el camino que tomes, le contestó el Gato."Eva works at a fancy coffee shop round the corner from New York's Avengers Tower, meaning she gets a lot of funny customers - and that the novelty's worn off.

A child with a bad reputation living in their house forced them to tell tales, when it would have been much easier if they treated him like part of the family. Aliados de lo más inesperados, incluido un muy diferente Tom Riddle. From the untold days of Naruto's youth, small ripples will become waves to alter the destinies of those around him. Isabel Warren lived in small town USA where nothing exciting ever happened. Follow Gaara and Ami through a tale of assassins, demons, and troublesome family members. )It's not all that likely to be reborn in the Narutoverse. Plot/adventure)After the Final Battle went horribly wrong, Fawkes presented Harry with a choice allowing him to save the lives of everyone he cared about, by giving up the only life he'd ever known. (Rebirth/time travel and Master of Death Harry)Sequel to Child of Innocence.With something to live for, she won't let that happen. In which a plot is demolished because a dimple-cheeked baby gave Obito a gummy smile, and then proceeded to raise a minion army with hugs, cuddles and an assortment of saccharine treats. Time Travel AUIn her first life she never believed in the concept of reincarnation. OC-SI as Sayu...actually a fairly common trick in the circus. She needed them with a kind of single minded obsessiveness that burned her down, turning her young life to ashes. With old and new allies by her side, she'll fight to protect everything she has ever loved. To talk bussiness with the Hokage, of course, what else?[SI/OC]Tobirama knew bringing back the dead was possible. It's also the closest equivalent to going backwards in time. Now if only it were so easy to unravel who is friend and who is foe... Gaarax Fem Naruto, sexual content While avoiding her so-called destiny as the Dragonborn, Lumen falls in with the Dark Brotherhood.He knew that anything was possible in the ninja world. So why should only one person go back in time if anyone who knows how can do it? And more than one person in a war-torn world of Ninja wants to change things. Sequel to 'Growing Strong'Out of all the kekkei genkai she would have liked to get, the eyes of Samsara wouldn't be her first - or second - choice. Life as an assassin suits her well, but everything changes when Cicero and the Night Mother appear.That didn't mean, however, that he ever believed in reincarnation. I'm not evil though..I'm only scary when someone wants me to be. SI OCWhen it came to Robin, the word simple would never quite do justice to the life he lived and the things he did. Being the Master of Death was a curse, plain and simple. (Will loosely follow the Dark Brotherhood and Main story lines with some original additions. Rated M for sound reasons.)Ilsa Slater has a secret, a secret that would ruin her life if her classmates at Hogwarts ever found out.

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But, a day or so after the events in Sokovia, it's a new guy's turn to do the Earth's Mightiest Heroes' coffee run, and this one's different in more than just appearance.

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