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Another episode it made it sound like they never checked with police.

He said and the translation said maybe I should have gone to police but we thought her parents didn’t want her where we found her.

Even if she knows that some people will be looking down at her for cutting woods, she does not care anymore because she has finally decided to live her dream of being a designer, of doing something related to her passion, art. She is building her own path to happiness and she expect no more social validation because at the end of the day she wants to be happy when she looks in the mirror.

I don’t know why dad didn’t just clearly things up. I do love the notion that you can be happy working and not following the enviable model to success. I love how people are helping each other when there is no family connection. Congratulations to all the cast and everybody involve in this drama especially Shi Hoo oppa. Joining the HAESUNG was her way of changing her social status so that people would stop looking down on her when she had been working so hard.

As reminder, Ji An was excellent at the 30 000 dollars assignment given by Ms No when Ji An thought she was Eun Seok.

The assigment was to spend 30 000 dollars in a day.

I find it awful not to go parents you were stolen away from. Ji An went looking for Ji So to expose everything but got slapped. The scenes of people down grading her were shown on screen as Ji An remembered.

I think people should be mad at the people who stole them, and their changed their identity to match their dead daughter and then kept them for their real parents learning the child really was taken from them. Yeah hopefully the writer won't forget about Jin Soo,2nd heir. The big corporate path was never her dream to start with.

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I do not know in which direction Ji Soo will mature facing her current situation.

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