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It’s no secret that the main search service collects a large amount of Info regarding each user: what music model he listens for, what his political preferences are, and more.The collected data are analyzed and the same mechanisms can be used in the dating sphere.

The creator of the project then plans to publish the token, but knowing that the need for blockchain in dating applications is quite doubtful and in this section they plan to use this technology only for crowdfunding and the easy-to-understand application of algorithms that generate and sell it.

As a result, together with the use of all the technologies mentioned above, the user will receive a set of ready-made profiles selected by artificial intelligence.

By the way, to ensure maximum cyber security, developers plan to use terminal encryption, which excludes possible users of hacking correspondence.

The redeemed coins after that can be excluded from the circulation forever, and since the quantity of coins is limited, the price may add up over time.

“The owner of the token can be able to choose which peddle price can suit them,” concluded Nikita Anufriev.

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Consequently, instead of a perfectly fit pair, in the usual case, the subsequent means of connecting people with different interests, ethical and ethical commitments, sexual preferences and material necessities.

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