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He was able to perform these moves and inject the passion he brings to every dance. The choreography was all over the place, and he danced it with too much ‘try’…it came off insincere and forced.

He can do anything, but his forte lies in the performance-driven routines, so hopefully he’ll get on next week! By far, she is the strongest dancer on the stage this season…that doesnt necesarily guarantee a win. Not a great way to start the Top 10 journey for Mitchell, I think he’ll be a bottom dweller tonight.

Contemporary dancer Melanie Moore won the season and Sasha Mallory was the runner-up.

This is the first season where both the winner and runner-up were female.

It was cruel and unusual punishment for both parties involved. and there’s nothing I love more than watching Da Vinci chiseled bodies fly through the air in perfect form. Consider the demographic (mostly female and begrudging husbands), and consider the results of seasons past…

How do you drive a thousand miles, and bring an entire camera crew into a home for the afternoon… Usually, I’m chowing down on a guilty ‘after 8 pm’ snack and kicking myself for not going to the gym for the last 5 years (maybe I’ll start tomorrow). New this season, Nigel has announced that there will be two winners… there’s a bit of a theme emerging (take note American Idol).

They were given contemporary, and Jordan was forced to grow up a bit to dance with such a strong partner. I have personality issues with this girl, but she CAN dance, and last night, she danced at the same level as her All-Star.I’m with NPH, I never like the tango because it’s too slow, rarely has a storyline and can be hard to judge. It was super sexy, there was intricate movement and passion between the two dancers. I still dont know, how the voting public will judge the performance, Tango is always less exciting than a Jive.Tadd– shocker, got paired with Comfort for a Hip Hop routine.I would rather have seen Tadd jump into a Jive, Quickstep or Jazz routine…I feel like the reason he is a contender is because he puts his own style and energy into dances outside his genre.

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