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Speaker at ATyp I 2016 in Warsaw on READSEARCH---A Platform for Reading Research (together with Kevin Bormans and Maarten Renckens).READSEARCH, launched in 2015, is Bessemans's research group that studies reading from a multidisciplinary and scientific perspective, covering both impaired and normal readers. [ Graphic designer in Peer, Belgium, who created some typefaces in 2012: Sirco is a display type with concave terminals, while her second typeface, still unnamed, consists of roman capitals. [ Born in 1940, De Vylder teaches at the Plantin Genootschap in Antwerp, Belgium.[ Guy Schockaert was born in Kortrijk, Belgium, in 1949.After studying graphic arts and visual communication at the Institut Saint-Luc in Bruxelles (1966-1970) he became an assistant of Michel Olyff before becoming self-employed as a graphic designer in 1971.Considering that Sabbe was director of the Plantin Museum in Antwerp, and Audin a well-known type historian from Lyon, it is likely that they were right in their conclusion that Tavernier had indeed seen the Plantin version.Tavernier became well-known and started making type for export to neighboring countries. Plantin said in 1574 that after the death of Tavernier and François Guyot, his land had no outstanding typefounder left, but that there were some in Germany, but that he would not recommend the Germans because they were "irrgläubig".Their typefaces as of 2013 include Beon-Medium, Caledo-Bold, Caledo-Light, Futura Rener-Light, Futura Rener, Karma, LS-Bold, LS-Light, LS-Light Alt, LS-Regular Alt, LS, Lil Grotesk-Bold, Lil Grotesk-Regular, Nemoy-Bold, Nemoy-Light, Nemoy-Medium, Strato-Medium, Strato-Regular, Young Serif-Regular. At Bridges 2009, he presented an experimental typeface on which he had been working since 1975, under the title Zen Art. Matilda was specially designed to help make kids make the transition from reading simple type forms to more complex ones.

On January 11, 2013, he sent out this disturbing message by email (including to me): Dear friends. And indeed, a few minutes later, obituaries started popping up all over the web. [ Since 2003, Alexandra Mendes runs Blank, a Porto, Portugal-based brand identity and graphic design agency.

In 2013, she added Olans (angular serif), Bastil (another angular serif), and Marbo (a quaint serif face). He started De Diamant Press in Herentals, and is a typographer.

[ Obaix and/or Brussels, Belgium-based creator of the free display sans typeface Nooa (2013, updated in 2017) and the sans typeface Cuba (2016: based on a Cuban postage stamp from 1981). The Dutch Type Library is working on his type family, DTLRosart.

Images of Rosetta: i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x.

[ Ameet (or Aimé) Tavernier (b, Bailleul, French Flanders, between 15, d. He made a type which we shall call the Tavernier Civilité.

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