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The restaurants look out to the luxury yachts of the exclusive Aberdeen Marina Club to the front and the high-rise blocks of Ap Lei Chau to the rear.

Diners can also enjoy a Typhoon Shelter seafood meal aboard a sampan, sample various varieties of tea in the Chinese Tea Garden or enjoy a glass of wine in the Pier Plaza.

The original Jumbo was burnt down before its opening in 1971 with a loss of over 30 lives.

It was rebuilt and finally opened in 1976 since when it has become world-famous and attracted over 30 million visitors including many celebrities.

The upper deck which was once a mahjong parlour for staff is operated by Café Deco group was transformed into the alfresco Top Deck restaurant serving fine Western food.

However, following a further renovation of Jumbo during 2013, Top Deck Restaurant did not reopen and it is believed the operators are seeking a new location.

Sightseeing Sampan The sampan ride takes in the junks, sampans, trawlers and houseboats crammed together and passes under the Ap Lei Chau Bridge to the floating restaurants, luxury pleasure craft moored in Aberdeen Marina at Sham Wan and the shipyards lining both sides of the harbour.

It has been featured in many movies including James Bond “The Man With The Golden Gun” and Jackie Chan’s “The Protector”.These days boats are equipped with the comforts of modern life such as satellite TV, washing machines and refrigerators.Sampan tour passing Aberdeen's fishing fleet FLOATING RESTAURANTS The first floating restaurants appeared in the typhoon shelter shortly after World War II.Some sections of the restaurants such as the kitchens are modular and are occasionally towed away for maintenance in local shipyards.Tai Pak Floating Restaurant (nearest) and Jumbo Floating Restaurant (background) together form Jumbo Kingdom The triple-deck Jumbo, elaborately decorated in the theme of a Chinese Imperial Palace with pagodas and gold dragons is the largest floating restaurant in the world, seating over 2000 diners, and rather dwarfs its smaller neighbour to which it is linked by walkways.

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