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Eva Amurri Martino is thanking her supporters for their outpouring of support after she revealed that her infant son suffered from a cracked skull.

On New Year’s Day, Amurri Martino admitted in a blog post shared on her website, Happily Eva, that her 10-week-old son Major James, “cracked his head on the hardwood floor” when the family’s night nurse fell asleep while holding him.

I yelled, shoved, dragged and finally I surrendered. It was slow going, but by closing time last fall, Dan was enthusiastic again about the water. I took one arm, the other was taken by Dan’s old friend Weisenberg, a rare adult who always treated him with respect. He swam some strokes with Harvey, jumped some more waves and belted out infectious laughter. Minutes later, he caught his first wave, zooming past his elated mother and washing up on the sand.Nothing would stop him, nothing we said or did, not even soaking his clothes in super-hot Thai chili sauce. Our once highly-gregarious blond son retreated to the corner in the Montessori classroom and to the far end of the crowded kiddie pool in our apartment complex.The pediatrician told us not to worry and wrote it off as “a phase.” In the months that followed, we realized it wasn’t just a phase. Dan spoke less and less and finally, one day, he stopped talking completely.(Photo courtesy of James Mulvaney) Our son, Dan, hit all of his early life milestones on time — walking, talking, playing and interacting — until he was 3, when worrying changes began to emerge.He started chewing the collars off his shirts, ripping them to shreds.

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Over the next weeks he returned, getting better each time. We did not solve the mystery of why our son rejected the ocean, but I suppose any of us can grow “disinterested” in things we loved not long before.

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