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While playing a weekly gig, the band wrote many of the original songs that would appear on their debut album, which was eventually released in February 2005.

In 2007, the band released their second album, entitled Talk to La Bomb, featuring the single "Jique." They toured widely across the United States, Latin America and Europe, appearing on several TV shows, notably David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel.

Brazilian girls are one of the most beautiful girls of South America.

There are many people with different ethnic who are living on this country.

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The singer, Sabina Sciubba is known for her fashionable The band formed in 2003, performing at a New York City club, Nublu.

Brazilian Girls is a band from New York City known for their eclectic blend of electronic dance music with musical styles as diverse as tango, chanson, house, reggae and lounge (but no Brazilian rhythms at all).

Other members include keyboardist Didi Gutman and drummer Aaron Johnston and Jesse Murphy.

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