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Both You Tubers claim they have been subject to an unprecedented amount of judgement, abuse and criticism, not by anonymous trolls but by members of their very own faith.Adam, a video blogger from the US who forms half of the duo True Story ASA, recently came back from a three-city tour of Europe.

While at the table i met some wassabians and boy were they nice.

Naturally, Muslims find it strange – if not completely unacceptable – that Muslim celebrities are being idolised to the extent that Muslim girls donning the hijab (a symbol of inner and outward modesty) will run after them screaming, doing anything to touch them. But whose fault is it that Adam and Yousef are idolised excessively?

Some claim that they enjoy and somehow encourage the attention – both performers, for example, take endless amounts of selfies (including topless pictures), leading to accusations of narcissism.

YOU ARE READING Romance Laur Diy also known as Lauren is In a secret relationship with Alex from Wassabi productions but no one knows but Yousef from fouseytube is really confident into thinking that Lauren likes him and she is trying to friend zone him but he has another p...

ALEX's POVIt was am Lauren had just woken me up she said that Yousef had plan a day out for us at Universal here in Singapore , I woke in excitement and went straight to change after I had finish Lauren was still wearing her make up and I told her"Without your makeup you still look pretty"She smiled, there was a knock on the door and it was Simmi and Yousef .

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Adam and Yousef are inspirations to boys and girls alike.

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