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did not obtain any information about whether those contacts were experienced as abusive.

No other identifying information was requested so that participants would feel secure in their anonymity.The other degrees were Ed D ( analysis revealed that gender was not significantly related to the return rate (i.e., the proportion of men was not significantly different from the proportion of women who responded to this survey). Approximately one third (33.1%) of the participants reported having experienced some form of sexual or physical abuse as a child or adolescent.The most frequently reported types of abuse were sexual abuse by a relative (13.8%); sexual abuse by a nonrelative other than a teacher, physician, therapist, or counselor (13.1%); and physical abuse (11.0%).Return Rate Although 296 questionnaires were returned, 6 did not indicate the participant's gender and were excluded from the analyses. Gender and Highest Degree of Participants One hundred and fifty-three women participated.All but 8 reported a Ph D as the highest degree earned.

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Participants gave low ratings to their graduate training programs and internships with regard to addressing abuse issues, although more recent graduates gave higher ratings.

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