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- Sitush (talk) , 2 April 2015 (UTC) I second that Vroy0001 (talk) , 28 October 2016 (UTC) It has every Congressional hearing and every floor vote and floor speech in Congress, every CRS report, every GAO report, going back to 1790.

Since many floor speeches and congressional hearings contain secondary sources placed in the record in their entirety, this is not only a great primary source but also a good source for secondary material.

Er is nog geen formele verklaring gegeven waarom de schepen zijn stilgelegd.

Gevolgen onduidelijk Oprichter en aandeelhouder Jan Koopmans van Central Industry Group (CIG) heeft de afgelopen jaren tientallen miljoenen in Abis Shipping gepompt omdat de banken terughoudender werden in scheepsfinancieringen, meldt .

Maar of dat ook gaat gebeuren met achterstallige betalingen, zoals vakantiegeld, is onzeker.

Wij zijn de claims momenteel aan het inventariseren.” Volgens van Dam is Abis hetzelfde overkomen als Flinter vorige maand.

We are also in the process of negotiating several other newspaper databases, which I will try to ping you about when they become available (one of them will be in our next distribution in late July/ early August).

Astinson (WMF) (talk) , 22 June 2015 (UTC) Thanks for the update.

They're better used, like the BNL, for broad searches that then become more specific.

Thus, if editors ask for publishers that might be used by only a couple of Wikipedia editors, we will either a) look for an aggregator like WP: EBSCO, WP: JSTOR or WP: Gale which has collected those works in a larger database or b) we ask editors to reach out directly to these smaller publishers using our Partner Pitch Process.

We have found that smaller organizations have less organizational barriers to participating in our program and that, most of the time, even volunteers not experienced in Wikimedia outreach can work with them to create a partnership.

The Times of India can be rather dodgy nowadays but historically (say, pre-1980s) it was a very good newspaper and access to it would likely be very useful.

I have access only to the Pro Quest Times (London) and Guardian databases and use them a lot ...

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