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74 percent of people want to repeal tuition fees, 79 percent to scrap co-payments for doctor visits and 84 percent want to end per diem hospital charges.

According to one analyst, ECB has been caught in a Catch-22: It needs to "talk down" inflation, to keep from having to take action to push it down later in the game.The proportion who believe the country's economy is in the pits is an unprecedented 41 percent, while another 46 percent just think it is in bad shape.Following higher hopes in spring and summer, people are again more pessimistic about the financial prospects for their families.Among people with a clear party preference, given the stronger resolve of opposition voters, Fidesz support exceeds the two-thirds mark (71 percent), while MSZP has garnered but one-fifth (20 percent).The poll puts MDF and SZDSZ numbers below the threshold needed to get into parliament; garnering about 2 percent support each within the entire sample.

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