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I suppose you wish you were out here with him.’Ava retorted: ‘I don’t care if he owns the Queen Mary. So shut up.’ ‘Don’t tell me to shut up,’ Frank snarled. Despite the difficulties between them, after his divorce from Nancy the couple married.

‘We’re going to redecorate Frank’s home,’ Ava gushed. Mrs Frank Sinatra is the happiest girl in the world! But at other times, as Sammy Cahn’s wife Gloria recalled, being with them ‘was like ­sitting on cracked eggs. But if it was hard work being married to Ava Gardner, it was just as tough being married to Frank Sinatra.

Out relaxing on a boat on a lake one day, Frank suddenly said to her: ‘I bet Howard Hughes has got a bigger boat than this.‘With her acid tongue, she was ­ruthless with him,’ said one friend. I did what I could to stay out of her way.’ For Frank, the similarities with his bullying mother — who used to beat him but whose approval he constantly craved — were scary and exciting.In their constant battles, jealousy was their emotional ammunition.‘I’m going to learn to make all his favourite dishes. You never knew if there were going to be verbal daggers. ‘Neither gave an inch,’ a friend of Ava’s said, ‘though Frank worked harder on the marriage than she did.She’s a very ­selfish girl.’ It didn’t help that Frank’s career was on a downward spiral at the time — records not selling, films flopping — while hers was very much on the up.

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