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Probably not a huge check with only 1.66 acres, but the payments could go on for years (until the wells deplete).

If they come in nicely when completed, probably less than a year from now, it would likely result in a monthly check for you.If they desire longer, they'll need to get permission in writing from me or will lose the lease. If I sell 1/2 the mineral rights, does that royalty reservation continue with the new owner of the minerals as well as the current owner. If you sell 1/2 your mineral rights, you should include something to the effect of "subject to prior reservations" on the conveyance, in order to put the buyer on notice that your minerals are subject to a previous reservation and thus you don't own 100% of the minerals under the tract being conveyed.I'd try to get some sort of limitation on the shut-in period if you can, but if they just won't do it you could just ask them to throw some more money your way, or increase your royalty fraction etc. SAMPLE: SHUT-IN ROYALTY: After the end of the primary term, this lease may not be maintained in force solely by reason of the shut-in royalty payments, as provided for in this lease, for any one shut-in period of more than one (1) year or for shorter periods which exceed three (3) cumulative years without the written consent of Lessor, whose consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. If you do not do that, the buyer could assume you are selling 50% of the entire tract, not 50% of your 50%.Check with your attorney to be sure though if it's important to you. I need contact information including address, phone numbers and principals of the business.After an arduous search I was able to find the following information for you.

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