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The bill was divided among all tenants, and although I had a very small unit, I was stuck with a ,000 bill - my portion of the park upgrades even though my unit was on the side and in no way benefited directly from any of the improvements.

Other tenants were hit with nearly ,000 in renovation fees.

Note: You will not be able to see your charges until a given semester begins.

The Student Accounts Office will send an email to your Gordon-Conwell email address to let you know when you are able to view your charges online.

In short, you should never sign a lease without understanding what CAM fees cover in unique commercial lease.

Both CAM and Load Factor fees serve the same basic purpose: To require tenants to help cover the landlord’s direct expenses for “common areas.” Common areas can include both internal (hallways, elevators, lobbies, public bathrooms, etc.) and external expenses (parking lots, landscaped areas, etc.).

Only one month into the lease, the park owner began extensive park renovations including redesigning the front units to appear more like retail space.

Signs were changed, the building was repainted, and some structural changes were made to the front of the industrial park.

If CAM fees are not clearly listed or explained in a lease, be sure to specifically ask if you are paying for any of the following: In 1989, I rented industrial space to open a craft consignment and hobby store.

Note: Your payment must be received by a deadline date to avoid late fees and/or account holds.

If you are sending a check in the mail near a deadline date, please ensure that adequate mailing time is allowed so that the Student Accounts office receives your payment in time.

CAM fees can escalate at a different rate than the monthly lease rate because they tend to be more variable.

So it is also important that your lease differential between "variable" and "fixed" CAM fees and include some sort of cap, or, maximum your CAM fees can be increased each year.

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This rate of increase should be a separate consideration from how much you basic rent increases each year.

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