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Buoyed by reviving some of his good Ibiza memories and by a new love interest, Abuelo was in unusually good spirits throughout the sessions. Later that year, Melingo, who was also working with García and another band (Los Twist), called it quits and was replaced by Alfredo Desiata.By early 1985, the band's spirits were damaged due to Bazterrica's antics (he had become addicted to cocaine, and was separated from the band after missing several dates), and to the rivalry between Abuelo and Calamaro for top billing.At some point, he and fellow poetry buff Pipo Lernoud were approached by Ben Molar, a recording executive of Mandioca (the only label in Argentina dedicated to record Spanish language rock).On the spur of the moment, Peralta claimed that he had a band called Los Abuelos de la Nada (the Grandparents of Nothingness) which was ready to enter the studio.He was also in Ibiza (with Argentine musicians Kubero Díaz and Miguel Cantilo).He also found time to write a poetry book, marry dancer Kristina "Krisha" Bogdan in England, and father his only son, Gato.López insisted that Abuelo should return to Argentina to re-create the Abuelos, and that he (López) would be their bassist and producer.Common friend Techi Aldao arranged for the travel expenses, and Abuelo returned to Argentina in 1981 and started looking for musicians.

For their 1983 album, Vasos y Besos (Glasses and Kisses), Melingo wrote his own reggae hit: Chala-man, Bazterrica contributed No se desesperen (Don't despair), and Calamaro chimed in with Mil horas (A thousand hours).Miguel used to stay living at Guillermo's house near the beach, in which they both jammed and sang together many new and old songs, one of them, Verilí, included in Cazenave's album of duets Duplex (2002).In Ibiza, Abuelo had met bass player Cachorro López, who was a popular session musician with reggae and funk bands.Charly García took the band under his wing after dissolving Serú Girán, and the Abuelos played in García's 1982 Christmas concert.García also drafted López, Melingo and Calamaro for his band, in parallel with their work for the Abuelos.

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With Cachorro on the bass, the band was assembled: teenage phenom Andrés Calamaro (voice and keyboards), Gustavo Bazterrica (guitar), Daniel Melingo (sax), and Polo Corbella (drums).

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