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However, after the turn of the century these substantial landowners gave way to men of apparently lesser means, who derived the bulk of their incomes from fees and annuities.

The majority of the 29 MPs held royal office only in Shropshire.

Furthermore, three of Shropshire’s Members added to their parliamentary experience by sitting on other occasions for different constituencies: Holbache represented Shrewsbury twice besides his five Parliaments for the county; Sir Adam Peshale was elected four times for Staffordshire as well as a like number for Shropshire; and Sir Hugh Cheyne interspersed his five appearances for Shropshire with three for Worcestershire.But even they did not begin to rival the record of William Burley, the lawyer of high repute who sat in the Commons for Shropshire in no fewer than 19 Parliaments between 14, in two of which (14), he had the distinction of being chosen Speaker.Overall, the average number of Parliaments per Member came to almost four.The proportion of knights to those of lesser rank altered drastically in the course of the period: between 13 (11 Parliaments) 11 belted knights shared the seats with an equal number of esquires, but between 13 (nine Parliaments) the ratio was , and between 14 (ten Parliaments) .At the same time, those of knightly rank were only rarely coming to attend elections at Shrewsbury castle; no one of this standing witnessed the electoral indentures between 14.

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