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Stu- dent organizations also receive the benefit of their advisory abil- ity.

In connection with House (Council, they serve in an advisory capacity in regard to house actions and responsibilities.

Dean Pratt received his Bachelor of Arts degree Cum Laude from Davidson College in 1934. Dean Wilson studied at Win- throp College and at Columbia. The School of Arts and Sciences uives live detzrees to i]uahhed students, bean of the School is Marcus I".. Walter AL Nielsen, Professor of Physics, was a member of a special committee to investigate Oak Ridge facilities for training universit\- staffs in atomic energy research in 1945 and has been chairman of the Physics Department since 1938. Smith, Professor of Bacteriology, is an associate professor of medicine at the Medical School. Kramer, Professor of Botany, is a specialist in the fields of plant- water relationships and forest-tree physiology. Spengler, Professor of Economics, is the author or co-author of a number of books and contributor to technical journals ol many articles on social and economic theory, and is director ol graduate studies in Economics.

1^ a^- \ \ ^^ •^ jmtf R,^ West Dormitory i^MPf V y / *s.-^ ■*^*^.i^' PUBLISHED BY THf STUDENT BODY DUKE UNIVERSITY . C HK University community was saddened in the summer of 1956 by the death of a most popuhir and prominent member — Dean Lanier W. After a hngering illness, Dean Pratt passed aw a\' June 4, 1956, leaving to the University the memory of high ideals coupled with warm friendship and subtle humor. Miss Mar\ (irace Wilson, Dean of Undergraduate Women, directs the non-academic aflairs ot stu- dent hfe. Whitaker Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Women Dean oi Underg Mary Grace Wilson Dean of Undergraduate Women GRADUATE Diilvc L'ni\crsir\'s six graduate schools rank among rhc best in the country. Lowndes, Professor of Law, is an expert in the field of taxation law. Malcolm Carroll, Professor of History, has written books on the diplomatic history of France and Germany and received the Guggenhiem Memorial Fellowship. Taylor Cole, Professor of Political Science, has made an intensive study of fascist governments in Germany and Italy and served as President of the Southern Political Science Association in 1950.

Through professional train- ing in counseling and guidance and a sincere interest in the students, the counselors are able to contribute to the general hap- piness and growing maturity of every girl. Westphal Bassett 77 ^^ Class Officers 80-81 Seniors 82 Juniors 106 Sophomores 120 Freshmen 132 Nurses 144 Senior class ofticcrs arc R. The traditional tree was pre- sented to the L'niversit\' on I'ounder's l)a\', and the prin- ciple Senior gift was given by the graduating class in the spring. The junior men sprmsored a talent show second semes- Junior (-lass officers arc: Row 1: C. As their chief project, the Senior class joint K' spon- sored the annual Homecom- int: Dance in the fall. I'or their projects, the wf)men have had car- washes and a bake sale. The Radio C'ouncil is composed of members of both student body and faculty. are shown seated around the table from left tn ng,ht: B. WDBS piped dinner music daih' to the West (ampus Union. This group supervises the election of officers for WDBS, the appropriation of funds for large expendi- tures, and the formulation of station policy toward major issues. The members of the Radio Council, which governs the policies of VV'BDS. Production Manager Pete Yoars, Station Manager Boli Popular shows included Mcrrinhu\ which became famous for its take- offs on various aspects of Duke life; the Sunda\' afternoon Opera Hull of the Air; Flying Saucers, which featured the nation's weekh' top ten hits according to Billboard magazine, and the Ui/iirrsity Hw/r of classical music.

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