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God had been extremely patient with the Canaanite tribes. Colorado Springs, Colo.: Cook Communications Ministries, 2003. "Rahab's Justifiable Lie." Christianity and Civilization 2 (Winter 1983):66-74. "Understanding 'The Sun Stood Still.'" In Classical Evangelical Essays in Old Testament Interpretation, pp. In the Pentateuch, we discovered many statements and warnings about the Canaanites. He was not murdering an innocent primitive people, as some liberal critics of the Bible used to say. However, the writer himself claims to have crossed the Jordan River with the other Israelites when Israel entered the land ("we crossed"; 5:1 [marginal reading], 6). Second, faith also means abandonment to God's will. Therefore, he must have written the book not too long after the conquest. God has revealed in His Word how His people can experience all He wants them to have. This book is a record of God's deliverance of the Israelites into what He had promised them. He patiently waits for people to repent, but if they do not judge sin themselves, He will judge it (cf. God uses the forces of nature to wage war against sin. In the English Bible, Joshua is one of the historical books (Genesis through Esther). He restrained the waters of a river, shook the walls of a city, sent hail from heaven, and lengthened the hours of a particular dayin order to accomplish His purposes. "The Book of Joshua, like all other books of the Bible, is primarily a book of theology. "Faith" in the Book of Joshua means doing what God directs (e.g., at Jericho), and not doing what He forbids (e.g., at Ai). "Space Men And Astronauts Read Bible, Find Missing Day." Mc Kinney [Texas] Examiner,, sec.

(The Law and the Writings are the first and third divisions of the Hebrew Bible.) Joshua is the first book in the first half of the Prophets, called the "Former Prophets." The Former Prophets section contains four books (Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings), as does the second division, the "Latter Prophets" (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Twelve [minor prophets]). This should not lead us to conclude that He never did or never will. We have the privilege of living in the day of His grace (the Church Age), during which time God is being patient with sinners (2 Pet. Nevertheless that day will end, and He will bring judgment on our worldjust as He did on the world of the Canaanites.

I prefer the traditional view that Joshua wrote the book, because I find the arguments, of those who believe the writer could not have been Joshua, unconvincing. However, when Caleb received the town of Hebron as his inheritance, he said that God had promised him 45 years earlier that he would enter Canaan (; cf. However, there are problems with this view, the most significant of which is that the Israelites destroyed only three cities Jericho, Ai, and Hazorduring their conquest. They did so even though it must have looked like suicide to obey. Success does not really come as a result of our action as we obey God. Moreover, a prostitute's or innkeeper's house was the accustomed place for meeting with spies, conspirators, and the like.

As with several other Old Testament historical books, there is evidence in Joshua that some later editor probably added a few statements and, in some cases, updated a few names, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God had promised that they would live in cities they had not built, enjoy fields they had not planted, and harvest fruit they had not tended (Deut. Therefore, the Israelites fought most of their battles in the fields outside the cities. Third, faith also involves achievement in God's might. Without God, His people "can do nothing" productive (John 15:5). It comes as a result of God's action working through instruments whom He finds usable. He is at war with it because it offends Him, but also because it destroys the people He has created to have fellowship with Himself. Thus, for example, we read in Hammurabi's Code: 'If scoundrels plot together [in conspiratorial relationships] in an innkeeper's house, and she does not seize them and bring them to the palace, that innkeeper shall be put to death' (law 109). "If Joshua represents the Israelite male who finds guidance and success through faith in the L God?

Since the Canaanites did not repent, God used Israel as a broom to sweep away their filth and purify the land.

They had had hundreds of years to repent after the witness of Melchizedek, Abraham, and many other God-fearing people who had lived among them. "The Deuteronomic Theology of the Book of Joshua." Journal of Biblical Literature 90 (1971):140-48.

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