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So, Mike proceeded to methodically list off all the reasons they should agree to the idea, as if he were listing off items to buy at the grocery store, and Alex just sat back perplexed and shocked as to how much time Mike must have spent actually thinking about this.It didn’t take long for him to realize this might be his only chance to be with Mike and maybe it could even help him get over the guy.He didn’t even entertain the possibility of being bi since Alex was really the only man he’s ever been attracted to.The first time was incredibly awkward since neither man had been with another man before.He notices that Mike’s breathing has quickened, his chest rising and falling faster than it was a few seconds ago, his cheeks turning pink.He loves it when Mike blushes, hates making him uncomfortable though.Alex and Mike sit opposite each other at the round table in Alex’s hotel room.

He kept that secret buried deep within himself to the point where he was able to convince himself that having sex with Alex would be for the sole purpose of relieving stress, nothing more, nothing less.Before they left each other that night, Mike came up with some ingenious rules.He decided that they would never discuss their arrangement, they’d never face each other while fucking or spend the night afterwards and they most certainly would never kiss or show any kind of affection because in Mike’s mind, that would make them gay and since he suppressed his true feelings, it was easy to believe that sex with Alex was just sex. Besides, he was dating Maryse, a fiercely sexy woman, so there’s no way he could be gay.“I don’t want anything more,” Mike states, trying to act as if he’s not affected by Alex’s offer.“What we have is working just fine.” He scrolls through his phone, doesn’t even know what he’s looking for, just wants to look busy and uninterested in what Alex is trying to do.

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