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Disclaimer: in my opinion, the BMI system is flawed when it comes to assessing overweight/obese qualifications and sometimes is flawed when assessing underweight conditions as well.This is because it doesn’t take into consideration one’s lean body mass, body fat ratios, genetics, nor bone structure.I’ve compiled my top pieces of advice for any of you out there looking to put on healthy weight with whole foods instead of resorting to a lot of processed foods or “junk” items that may make you feel worse.

Many of you may be wondering why I’m not talking about weight loss or referring to it here, but we all need to keep in mind that not all of us are after weight loss!

Being underweight can also result in several health consequences such as hormonal changes, decreased muscle mass, decreased bone density, lowered immune system function, slow wound healing, sleep issues, irregular heart beats, vitamin/mineral/nutrient deficiencies, impaired gut function, heart disease, anemia, and being at high risk for further malnutrition.

A person’s “healthy weight” depends on several things, but I always take into consideration metabolism, body type, genetics, bone structure, body fat percentage, and weight trends overtime.

In general, it’s a guideline and only should be used as such.

Being underweight has many signs/symptoms that differ from each person, and some include reduced appetite, emaciated features (especially around the shoulders, collarbone, knees, and other joint points), sunken eyes, hormonal imbalance (especially in women), very low body fat percentage, poor vital signs, losing hair, feeling cold, lack of energy/feeling tired, and more.

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