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They caught me at the water; guns were raised, But I escaped and swam to hidden coves.

The sun is not up yet I spy a shuffling silhouette That light would make into a man Down past my gate across the road It moves with slow and insubstantial Motion If I were to call --But dark makes creatures of us all Shadow where might be eye or hand For distance undefines belief First light must show for eye to touch its Oceanno gods are safe where men are strewn aboutwith reason we must saddle Deathfor life's too hard to figure outlet honor explainlet courage write our willlet glory sustainas we take the next hillwe ride to choose the how of our last breathand choosing reason we'll ride outand out of reason straddle Death I screamed, shook free, and ran through steel caves; I ran through steel hallways never used.

Tomorrow, when they've cured my burning leg, I'll put my application in for death. Our conversation becomes a means To accentuate them.

How he made her angry Was not how the story's fashioned Things are never as they seem The realest is most imagined Does she the softest whisper of Her heart to neighbor nextdoor tell Over the morning washing By noon it's fullest in the ear Of informed people everywhere By evening it's become a yell And nighttime finds her slashing The throat of her lover And shouting so they all can hear It's over It's overthere are some languagestongues will never speakwill never know of in facttrue love towers over Babelno kiss is half as sweetas those bolstered where words lackedby sense without name or label We sat on the window seat Your wit and words sparkling the air Your bright eyes shining Like the crystal ice That on the cold glass glistened The hours passed Oh how we talked And I listened Those silences. They split paragraphs, then sentences, Finally opening up between the words themselves. They are larger, Bigger then the words, the sentences, The paragraphs.

And yet, We walk around as if nothing Had happened, While, unspeakably, nothing did. Rain that sounds like melody Crying gull windy tree Distant music distance calls Vacant rooms and empty halls Wave that rises Hope that falls Ocean seashell hears it all Cloudy sky misty air Sandy footprints go nowhere Driftwood foamy fossil lies Windswept flower blossom flies Lonely feeling lonely tries Ocean seashell hears good-bye Walking alone on the street Watching the crowds pass and watching your feet Stealing glances at traces Of faraway faces With their own times and spaces You never will meet Stop by a sidewalk cafe Was somebody looking when you looked away Better drink up and go on Your feelings will show, on The walk home you'll know on Which side you must stay Now you close the door and turn on the light And you thought you heard footsteps just out of sight Or a voice you recall But it wasn't at all It was only the sound of the clock on the wall Now you draw the shade and turn out the light And the sound of a whisper would make it right But the sound that you hear So loud and so clear Is only the beat of your heart in your ear Morning, you throw back the sheet Peek through the curtain, the crowd's in the street Stealing glances at traces Of faraway faces And each one replaces And each one erases With their own times and spaces They never will meet Where are the feelings we once could feel Like young girls they've passed by the way And peace like our youth like a guest in our home Could visit but never could stay What are these duties we serve so well For our bread and our circus and war Saying its got to be better this way But trying to even the score Who are these men with their thousands of hands Whose promise winds back on the string Like a merry-go-round with no ring Or a shell game Where are the dreams died a-borning From those men of high hopes and good will And where are the faithful who took them in Then waited outside for the kill And who are these now who would take our sons And do with them as they please Weaving us into their tiny desires And bringing us down to our knees Who are these leaders who lead us away Made famous by money and style Made kings by a handshake and smile And a shell game Again to this sharp coast of black rough rock I am at last returned These boulder stones bleak comrades to me Unmade and someday gone to grains By the ocean-draw Millennium-forged and witness to a billion suns And the hand of God These who feel not a single tick Whose hearts are made of ages not of dreams Whose thoughts are measured by the births of stars Who bathe in the blood of the world These unpity my small self And ring a silent heavy note That to my heart exception takes And mocks my darting feelings These unsympathize my soul Unmake my nerve into despair O that I could be dizzied too By the stars in their reelings Crow hunches blackly, wetly shivers Against white winter's frozen grip And wings forlornly in useless swoops Across the pasted pallid sky Searching hopeless, no yellow corn No red berries, no warm rainbarrelpool where one might sip The world's gone white, black speck crow Remains, in a time of either-or, must either live or die No middle ground, no shades of gray, Black crow, white snow, life lockedinto extremes All choice reduced by Fate's unknowing knife To two, crow reels like some rummer Into a ditch, and lies upon the snow Upon the ice, and hears the water underneath and dreams Of green, of grass and warming suns, and Gentle air and flowers and corn, anddies in dreams of summer We are the children of the blind Seeking to see the whisper wind That rocks the cradle and the grave That sends the fire and the wave That clothes the child in the shawl That builds the building up to fall Softly then ...

as the humble singing stars Harmonize as they tumble into laughing Galaxies as they rumble bringing you the Universe who is the bell-God's clapper who is the self-bell which rings who is the sound of self-bell Cosmic Clong which is the announcement which is the announcement of existence which is of which is existence Trees groan and wail for the daffodils who cannot speak aloud As the bold scythe swings in mindless decision My love is the whisper of the universal heart Books grown from trees have rhymed my baby's breath Yet in the shade of all you've learned you cut me down The deep night strikes the center darkness strides the land The seals are broken Doom awakes all feel the eyes And single self must yield all cycles end we must realign Listen hear the rumble in my soul the whisper we're about No tragedy has ever rocked the world for long Six million tortured, fired, gassed, are gone And we go on Two cities twined in shadowless death, pain, snow So black, long legacy burning in bone And on we go The Earth turns The anthill churns So God is cleaved and myriad-cleaved til Hydra-head Is forced to self-contention in false stead Of lust and greed War, corruption, rot, decay defile the Bust Of History, shroud its eyes that turned, at first, From greed and lust The Zeppelin does its trick and pyres The garland at the mountain peak, once plane Tornadoes, earthquakes, hotel fires, The auto wreck, it all comes out the same The trapeze breaks, hushed fall, so long...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I dreamt of strange machines which issued tunes, And blaring noises, flashing, blinking lights.

Eventually, there is only the Long silence, Only the great yawn, Gaping, unspanable, breathlessly open Beneath us.

Through the rest of our lives We are falling, Falling in silence, Like a lost echo gone unheard.

a faulty or accidental connection between two points of different potential in an electric circuit, bypassing the load and establishing a path of low resistance through which an excessive current can flow.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. am river --The world's but sea --For my mind is straight --And e're I come undone --A world I have to conquer! I crawled onto the beach; the rocks were fused, So was the sand. I woke to hear the sound of sirens shrilly Piercing through the red fog to accuse, Although I knew the accusation fully, Me of a crime I did not recognize.

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If you look at the top of the page under my name, you’ll see two short sentences: Understand Men. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if men understood women, they’d do better with women.

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