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Select the Word data store, browse to and select the Word file.

To use Access, you must create and save a Access file and table with "X" columns, where "X" represents the number of data fields you are extracting.

In each case the answer to the question asked required a custom VBA solution.

Graham and I have endeavored to create a single solution that will work with several message formats: You might think that Word is a curious vehicle to use for extracting e-mail data to Excel, Access or a Word table from Outlook.

Note: Both tabular and stepped message formats will appear as stepped data in the dialog listbox. " icons on the dialog can be used to display amplifying information on setup.

It is a collaborative effort with Word MVP and my long time Englishman friend Graham Mayor.

When messages are received in your inbox you can manually move them to the defined folder or create an Outlook rule to move them automatically as they are received. The following illustrates a dedicated mail item folder I've created for demonstration purposes.

It consists of a sub-folder of my inbox folder and contains a single message to process.

When using the add-in to extract data, "ALL" messages in the Outlook Message Source folder must be in the same format and contain the same data identifiers for a given extraction session.

The first time you click the add-in "Extract Message Data" control, the main userform interface dialog displays a disclaimer notice.

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