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Testing is also recommended for gay and bisexual men and people who are HIV positive.While the infection cannot be cured, treatments that lessen the severity of genital herpes outbreaks or that may help prevent them are available.And since the background rate of infection is so high in the black community, African-American women are especially at risk, Douglas said.

The CDC does not recommend routine screening for genital herpes, but testing is recommended for those considered at high risk for getting and transmitting the virus, including people with multiple sex partners.Unfortunately many practioners are still not aware of it though. I received my results back from my second ELISA test and my HSV 1 result was 1.01 (down from 1.86 on my first test) and my HSV 2 result was Thanks for the tip. HSV 1 result was 1.01 (down from 1.86 on first test) HSV 2 result was less than .90 (down from 1.4 on first test) Can I be confident that this second negative HSV 2 test is correct or do I need any further testing?For under , your providers can order the herpes testing toolkit thru asha to update their info. Is it possible that what I have it HSV 1 genitally or because the HSV 1 result is so low, maybe I don't even have that and the mild symptoms I had were just a coincidence? I had type specific ELISA tests and results were 1.8 for hsv 1 and 1.4 for hsv 2.I have never had a cold sore before so was confused as to why that would be positive.

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