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In the end, I just realised that he was not there when I wanted him to be, so we separated.But we remained friends and my second husband Victor and I would go and visit him and Hattie.’ Hattie’s biographer, Andrew Merriman, describes John as a ‘devastatingly handsome, charismatic East Ender, to whom she was immediately attracted’, adding: ‘He was articulate, charming and funny, and flattered Hattie shamelessly.

So her many fans would have been surprised had they known the truth about her private life.

After all, Schofield was genuinely popular with the children.‘Robin and Kim took an immediate liking to this character who played football with them, took them on outings and was much more outgoing than their dad, who they adored but who was much less physically demonstrative,’ says Merriman.

‘The boys were used to Eardley Crescent being full of their parents’ friends and companions and so another “lodger” was completely in keeping with their chaotic lifestyle.

‘But it would have been foolish not to know that this was different.

I could have walked out but whatever my failings, I loved Hattie and the children and I was certain – I had to be certain – that we could repair the damage.

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Besides car games, we offer a lot of car-related categories such as parking, truck and bike games.

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  1. Do you mean that the JPanel doesn't repaint, or does your simulation not advance? Should I create a new instance of the canvas and then a new instance of the panel and add it to the tab? Once you access the JPanel using that method, you can call repaint() on it.

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