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lasting, that is, until that moment he realizes he'll have a pretty tough time collecting his winnings. Sabien) They say, "At Olive Garden, we treat you like family." And sure enough, a waitress jumped line in front of me at the restroom, a waiter borrowed my phone and didn't return it, and the cook got all testy when I complained that my order was wrong.

(Lori Petterson) Women complain about the pain while giving birth.

Sure, you might think it's just some guy in a Santa suit, but I know it's really Santa because he always gives me a bottle of vodka with a bow on it after he's done. Richweis) Talk about dedication to one's craft: The Mayor of Toronto is a foul-mouthed, drunken crack smoker accused of sexual harassment -- yet Justin Bieber STILL manages to be the most hated Canadian ever.

(Brad Wilkerson) One reason I like Halloween so much is that I really get off on the genuinely horrified reaction from kids with my "sawing off my forearm with an electric carving knife" shtick -- at least until I pass out from the voluminous loss of blood and all. Sabien) I just had a great idea: the no-party surprise party!

Should proactively admonish the singer's actions as vulgar, or should I simply wait to see what she thought of the performance?

Thankfully, she let me off the hook by throwing her sippy cup and indicating her pants needed changing. Sabien) I wish I'd penned a song titled, "I Write The Songs That Make the Whole World Want to Stick Scissors in Their Ears and Come After the Singer With Torches and Pitchforks," because I'm pretty sure that Wikipedia would make a page entry about that guy. Sabien) The saying "I think, therefore I am..." should have a corollary that would render lifeless all those who do NOT think.

' (Lori Petterson) My parents remember where they were when they heard Kennedy was shot. The closest thing we can get is remembering the time ALF was on "Hollywood Squares." (Tony Meyers) On the train the other day I overheard two teenagers saying Facebook had been ruined by the presence of all the "old people" who are keeping in touch with other old people, and they looked over at me. How many people could you have possibly lost track of already?

(Sib Mandrake) I have to admit, I felt kind of ripped off when I couldn't see any scrub brush- bottomed bubble dudes spraying out of the bathroom cleaner can. At least I hope it was a joke cause I'm having a hard time locating the cat and last night I dreamed I was eating Chinese food.

(Loir Petterson) For what it's worth, *my* version of the "ice bucket challenge" involved me taping and a brick to the inside of an ice bucket and hurling it from the 10th floor of an Embassy Suites, seeing how many folks grazing at the free breakfast buffet I could hit.

You get a bunch of people together at a friend's house, turn the lights off, and hide.

When they come home, you scare the bejeezus out them, then leave!

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They were all family members, and technically they were all still alive, but I just find it comforting to imagine they're already deceased.

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  1. nerve-wracking things in the world, and not just because of the awkwardness that comes with meeting up just because you might potentially become romantic partners of some kind. Reaching out to ask some questions on the dating app before meeting in person.

  2. Looking for a woman who has I am a pharmacist, i like my job, i like to spend my time with my family, i like travelling, I am 5ft plus, i'm slim, i dress normal depending on the occasion I am looking for a long term relationship, i hate lies, like Am Oscar by name, a christian and honest person.