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However, throughout History there have been numerous references to this product and its varied applications.In 3000 BC, cork was already being used in fishing tackle in China, Egypt, Babylon and Persia.The planks are usually carried off by hand since cork forests are rarely accessible to vehicles.

In the Mediterranean, cork was used to make buoys to float fishing nets.The workers who specialize in removing the cork are known as extractors.An extractor uses a very sharp axe to make two types of cuts on the tree: one horizontal cut around the plant, called a crown or necklace, at a height of about 2-3 times the circumference of the tree, and several vertical cuts called rulers or openings. Su trovi la più importante raccolta porno suddivisa nelle categorie più ricercate.I migliori video hard ed erotici di donne mature, pornostar nazionali/internazionali e quelli di ragazze della porta accanto.

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